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ATack Anti Slip Tape



The ATack Anti Slip Tape grit tape roll is 60-feet long and 4 inches wide and is weatherproof, making it an all around tape for your home. It is an ideal grip tape for ensuring safety on your steps, ladders, ramps, trailers, garage, wheelchair pads, outdoor levels, and other outdoor and indoor places that need traction which would most likely turn slippery when wet.

Built To Protect

This 4”x 30 Yards non skid tape for stairs was conceived under the idea that it must increase friction between your foot and the surface in order to boost traction even under wet and slippery conditions. Thanks to its hypo-allergenic 80-grit mineral abrasive compound, you are protected against slips and falls.

Built To Last

The grit tape itself is designed to withstand heavy indoor and outdoor foot traffic under extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time. Its acrylic adhesive system also aggressive enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, allowing it to adhere to any surface without difficulty. It has excellent resistance to water and other chemicals, allowing for a high initial bonding strength.

Built To Care

The ATack Grip Tape for stairs has been constructed to care for you and your family. May it be for your older pets who need assistance in climbing your stairs outside, or for your beloved elderly loved ones who have difficulty in treading your stairs or wheelchair steps, or perhaps for protecting your young ones so that they may not slip or fall- we have always put them in mind in designing the safety features of this grit tape. Talking about assistance, our customer care service team is always ready to take any of your concerns to satisfy your needs.