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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Book Binding Repair Tape, 2" x 15 Yards

  • Prepare the book that is to be restored. Make sure that the binding site is clean and free of dust or dirt. You can apply gentle strokes to the damaged areas with a soft or horsetail brush to clean any dust or dirt that has accumulated. It is essential that the surface is clean to provide the adhesive with as much surface area as possible, thus, ensuring a long-term bond.


  • Position the book in such a way that applying the tape to the damaged area would be easy and accessible. Estimate the length of the tape that is to be used.


  • Cut a strip of the Binder Repair Tape. If you are applying more than 3 inches of tape, it is recommended to position and adhere the tape partially to the surface first before cutting the entire length.


  • Position the strip properly. Once the tape has been positioned, apply some pressure to the tape towards the surface of the binding site. Carefully squeegee the tape to remove any gaps and pockets of air that may exist between the tape and the cover of the book.


  • You may apply more than one layer of tape on the repair site if needed.


  • Allow the tape to acclimatize by storing the book in a cool and dry place for 12 hours before turning the book cover and subjecting it to stress.




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