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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Brown Carpet Treads, 15 Pieces (With Stripes)

1. Clean the surface of your stairs thoroughly before installing the Carpet Treads. For bare wooden stairs, you can use warm water with mild soap that is formulated for wood. For carpeted stairs, you can also clean the surface by sweeping it. Make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt before installing.
2. The XFasten Carpet Tread are 30 inches long, so make sure that your stairs are compatible with this length. 
3. Take one carpet tread and peel off the silicone liner at the base. The XFasten Carper Treads come with a non-adhesive silicone grippy layer. It does not stick to the surface but the silicone layers  grip firmly to the surface. This prevents any damage or residue, while still maintaining maximum stability and hold on your stairs. Do not touch the silicone layer as oils, moisture, dust and dirt can weaken the grip of the non-adhesive grip pads. 
4. Position on each step. Press the carpet treads on the surface and apply pressure. 
5. You can reposition the carpet treads. If you want to increase its grip, then you can also use a residue-free Carpet Tape or Double- Sided Tape.

Removing the Stair Treads
To remove the carpet treads for cleaning, simply lift them from the surface. As much as possible, prevent yourself from touching the silicone base to preserve its grippy nature. Oils, dust, and dirt can lessen the grip of non- adhesive silicone surfaces. To prevent the treads from sliding or curling, always keep the surface of the stairs clean and dust free.

Will the Stair Treads Leave a Sticky Residue?
No. The XFasten Stair Treads come with a non- adhesive silicone base that grips on the surface instead of bonding or sticking to it. This mechanism prevents it from sliding or slipping without damaging the surface. Be sure to remove the silicone liner upon installation. Also, do not touch the silicone layer so as not to lessen its grip. 

How to Wash and Dry
To clean the stair treads, simply lift them up from the surface and put them in a washer. You can also opt to hand wash them. Use a mild soap solution and gentle setting in the washer to prevent the treads from getting damaged. 
To dry, simply air dry the Carpet Treads. Do not put under direct sunlight to preserve the integrity of the fiber and the color.

Recommended Adhesive
The XFasten Stair Treads are designed to resist sliding and slipping. However, if you wan to ensure a slip-free set-up, then you can use residue free double sided carpet tape. Make sure that the carpet tape that you use is residue-free, surface safe, and most importantly, acid free. XFasten also offers a heavy-duty and residue free Carpet Tape that ticks all the standards above. This step is optional as the stair treads are already grippy.