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XFasten Cotton Duct Tape

XFasten Cotton Duct Tape


The XFasten Heavy Duty Clear Duct Tape is a textile-propylene hybrid tape that marries the easy to tear functionality of cotton tape and heavy duty and rigid characteristic of propylene filament tape.

EASY TO CUT WITH BARE HANDS. We understand that we are always on the go. You can easily take the roll out of your bag and tear it neatly with just your bare hands whenever you need it. You can be taking care of various things while tearing this tape, even if you are in a hurry.

DOES NOT SPLIT MID-ROLL. Have you tried using Clear Duct Packing Tapes that just split and become unusable mid-roll? It’s not worth it. Get your money’s worth with the XFasten Cloth Tape’s textile backing that prevents unnecessary splitting.

DESIGNED TO TAKE A BEATING. With its heavy-duty adhesive and high tensile strength, you can use this for outdoor home use and still expect industrial and contractor grade adhesion.