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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Cushion Pads, Beige, Pack of 20

For best results on applying your Heel Cushion Pads, these are a few key areas that one should put in mind during the application stage:

  • Make sure that the heel area of your shoe is clean and dust free. Dust and dirt can severely lessen the stickiness of all adhesive; hence it would be best to properly clean the area where the cushion pads are to be installed.


  • Position the cushion pads on the area where it is to be installed.


  • Peel off the adhesive liner and install the cushion pads to the heel.


  • Press the pads towards the heel of your shoe. Conform the pad to the surface to eliminate any gaps that may exist.


  • Eliminate any air bubbles which may exist by applying pressure on the area of application.


  • Allow the adhesive to cure, dry, and acclimatize for 30 minutes for best results.