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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Carpet Tape Extra Sticky, 2" x 30 Yards

  •  Before application, it is important to ensure that both surfaces are thoroughly clean as dirt and lint can extremely lessen the strength of the adhesive.


  • Since various finishes react differently to many types of adhesive substance, we highly recommend to test out a short strip of the tape to a small corner first to see and verify how it will react to the adhesive.


  • Then, follow the application pattern of the XFasten Carpet Tape through the photo below. It would be the same way of application to any surface either for the mats or the carpets.


  • Put some strips in the middle as the key lies in maximizing the surface area of application of the carpet tape to ensure maximum adhesion.


  • Use a roller or any cylindrical canister to apply some pressure to the carpet tape after installation in order to maximize the initial bonding strength of the adhesive.



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