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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Cat Training Tape 2.5" x 15 Yards (3-Pack)

1) Identify the surface which is often scratched by your cat. This tape can also be used for pet dogs. Make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt. Clean the surface thoroughly and make sure it is dry to increase the initial bonding strength of the adhesive.

2) Cut some strips of the cat tape and apply it on the area. It would be best to apply more than one layer of tape on the area to increase the tape's overall strength.

3) You can increase the tape's holding strength by pressing the tape and applying force to the surface using a roller, rubber hammer, wine bottle or any cylindrical canister before peeling the adhesive liner.

4) The tapes are clear and subtle but it is not completely invisible. It also has a strong bonding strength, however, if one strip falls off after multiple scratches, you can easily replace it with another strip.




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