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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Drafting Tape


1. Clean the surface where you would be installing the Drafting Tape. Lint, dirt, and dust can significantly lessen the bonding strength of adhesives. If applicable, you can clean it with an alcohol or soap solution. 
2. Peel the tape form the roll. Cut the desired length of strip based on the desired area.
3.Apply the tape on the surface.
4. Squeegee any air bubbles or gaps that may exist between the surface and the tape. This may cause the adhesive to weaken over time. You can use your hands to squeegee any excess air.
5. If you are applying the tape on cylindrical shaped object, maximize the tension and tightness of the tape.
6. Applying more strips by repeating steps 2-6.

Pressure Sensitivity for Surfaces
If you are installing the drafting tape on walls and hard surfaces to prevent paint bleeding or to mount light objects, then applying as much pressure as you can maximize the bonding strength. However, if you are using it on an art paper for paint masking and temporarily holding your paper while you paint, go gentle in pressing the tape for temporarily application. This will the paper from damage & tear.

Increasing Bonding Strength
1. You can increase the bonding strength of the Drafting Tape by pressing it to the surface. Make sure to press it firmly through your hands or palm. Squeegee any air bubbles or gaps that may exist between the surface and the dot.
2.If you have a hair dryer or a heat gun, you can also heat the adhesive using warm air exhaust. Heating the upon installation will temper it and further increase the adhesive strength.
3. Increasing the surface area of application by applying more tape on the object. Be mindful on the amount of pressure that you would be using based on the type of surface.

Removing the Adhesive
on rare cases, the adhesive can stick into objects such as the edge of a scissor. The adhesive can be easily removed by either of the following steps:
1.Partially melting the adhesive using the warm air exhaust of a hair dryer. After partially melting the adhesive, then you can simply wipe off the adhesive residue.
2. Wiping the surface with a warm water with soap and white vinegar solution. You can also use a soft brush to remove the adhesive faster. You can also mix in some baking soda to the solution.
3.Applying Goo Gone solution, lighter fluid, or kerosene on the surface. The residue can easily be removed and wiped clean through this process.