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Tips & Instructions XFasten Heavy Duty Melt Glue Gun Kit w/ 10 pcs Glue Sticks (0.43" x 8")


  • Effecient Thermal Conductivity
  • Wear and Tear Resistant
  • Overheating Resistant
  • Back Leak Resistant
  • Industrial-grade
  • Precise Nozzle
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty
  • Ergonomic

Instructions (for email instruction manual):

  1. Before plugging in or using the glue gun, make sure that the nozzle is free of old glue residue. If needed, remove the nozzle and wipe it down with a piece of aluminum foil to take off dried glue, or use a toothpick to clean out the hole. The glue gun should always be free of excess residue from past projects before each use.
  2. Load a fresh glue gun stick into the back of the gun. You can also reuse unfinished glue gun stick. Place one end of the glue gun stick into the circular opening in the back of the gun. Slide it in until it stops.
  3. Plug the glue gun's power cord into an electrical outlet. The glue gun will automatically start heating up the stick, so never touch the nozzle nor leave it alone unattended while it is heating up. To avoid burns and accidents, make sure that the glue gun is positioned in upright in its stand.
  4. After waiting for 3 - 5 minutes, once the glue gun has heated up, the glue gun stick would have softened. You can test this out by gently squeezing the pull trigger. The glue will ooze out of the gun once squeezed if it has been suffeciently melted.
  5. Lightly squeeze the trigger to release the melted glue. Aim the nozzle og the glue gun downwards and place it close to the item that you'll be gluing. Aooky the glue directly onto the surface, leaving the nozzle in contact.
  6. Do not apply too much glue on the surface. Apply a modest amount as the glue will flow quickly once the trigger is pulled. Never apply too much as the glue will even spread further more once you stick and pres the surfaces together.
  7. Press the object which you would be mounting to the surface where the glue has been applied. Apply pressure to spread the glue evenly and to set it properly. Make this step quickly as the melted glue stick will dry quickly.
  8. In between putting the melted glue on the surface, when not in use, put the glue gun in an upright position to prevent accidents or burns.
  9. Once the glue has dried and you are finished with your craft, turn the glue gun off and let it cool down. Once it has sufficiently cooled down, remove any excess glue that has dried on the nozzle. Keep the glue gun in a safe, coold and dry place.