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Tips & Instructions XFasten Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


  1. It is recommended to dedicate a different set of cleaning cloth for each area of the house or each use-case.
  2. For heavy-duty cleaning, like cleaning cars, dedicate:
    1. 2 cleaning cloths soaked on soapy water 
    2. 2 cleaning cloths soaked on clean water
    3. 1 cleaning cloth that is kept dry for wiping
  3. Depending on the use case, adjust the number of cleaning cloths dedicated for each step of the cleaning process. As a rule of thumb, you must have a separate cleaning cloth that's soaked on soapy water, on clean water and finally, one that's clean and dry for wiping the surface after cleaning.
  4. For initial cleaning, wipe the soapy water cleaning cloth first on the surface. Wipe it on the surface, wring, soak and wipe again to clean the surface. Repeat this process as much as you like until all dirt has been removed from the surface.
  5. To remove the soapy water from the surface, wipe it with the cleaning cloth that has been soaked on clean water. Wring the cloth to dry, soak on clean water and wipe again until all soap and lather has been removed from the surface.
  6. Finally, wipe the surface with a dry cleaning cloth. 
  7. To keep the cloths' soft microfiber surface, hand wash them gently on mild detergent. Air dry and avoid drying under direct sunlight. 


  • Unraveling Resistant
  • Gentle to surfaces
  • Super Absorbent
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-abrasive
  • Surface-safe
  • Long Lasting
  • Streak Free
  • Extra Soft
  • Quick Dry
  • Lint Free