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Tips & Instructions For Waterproofing Membrane Fabric

  • Before installing the XFasten Waterproofing Membrane Fabric, it would be best to measure the strip sizes and exact areas which you need to install the tape. Make sure that the surfaces are dry and the cement boards are clean and free of moisture before the installing the tape.  


  • Pre-cut the tape based on your desired strip lengths and sizes. You can use a sharp pair of scissors or a cutter to cut the waterproofing tape. Also, please be careful in handling sharp objects.  


  • Apply a liquid waterproofing membrane to the surface and then put the Waterproofing Membrane Fabric. You can use any liquid membrane as XFasten is built to be compatible with all leading waterproofing membrane liquids. Make sure to cover all seams, joints, and areas on your wall with the membrane and the tape.  


  • Finally, coat the tape with an additional layer of the waterproofing liquid, forming a liquid-tape-liquid trilayer.  


  • Let the tape and membrane cure and dry overnight.