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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Cable Ties

  1. Set up the required cables or objects to manage. Bundle the necessary cables, cords, and wires together.
  2. Lightly dust the cable before tying them together. It will be difficult to take the cables apart once they’re tied together, so it is better to clean them beforehand.
  3. Loop one end of the Cable Tie through the clasp lock mechanism in such a way that the loop side touches the hook side of the cable tie, thus creating a secure grip between both sides. Snugly lock the cable tie until little to no space is left for the cables to entangle or move.
  4. Once the cables are bundled snugly, you can cut the excess cable tie using a nipper or scissors. Make sure to cut the cable tie flatly, and not with an angle, to prevent any sharp edges which may pose a cutting/scraping hazard, should you brush your arm or hands on it in the future. 

Extra Uses for Zip Ties:

Aside from bundling cables together, there are DIY scenarios where you can use your cable zip ties as an alternative:

  1. For Sock-Pairing
  2. As a replacement pull tab on a damaged zipper slider head
  3. As a DIY shower curtain ring
  4. As a unique luggage tag identifier