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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Carpet Tape


1. Clean both surfaces where you would be installing the tape. Lint, dirt, and dust can significantly lessen the bonding strength of adhesives. 

2. Peel the tape from the roll. Do not cut a strip first. 

3. Apply the tape on the surface, with the other end of the tape still pooled on the roll.

4. Cut the tape, making sure that you apply tension on the strip by partially pulling the roll. The tension will make the tape easier to cut. 

5. Remove the adhesive liner. To separate the adhesive liner easily, you can use any flat tipped object like a card, knife's edge or your fingernail to create an initial gap between the liner and the tape. 

6. Apply more strips by repeating steps 2-5. 


If you're having troubles in separating the adhesive liner from the Carpet Tape, then you could use any flat tipped object, like your nails or thin card to create an initially small gap which can be fully peeled to release the liner. The tape can be used for carpet-to-floor, carpet-to-carpet, and rug-to-carpet setups. 


The Carpet Tape is Residue-Free and Surface-Safe. However, we are still required by law to provide adhesive removal tips. You may see the following tips below:

1. Partially meting the adhesive using the warm air exhaust of a hair dryer. 

2. Wiping the surface with a warm water with soap and white vinegar solution. 

3. Applying Goo Gone Solution or simply applying lighter fluid on the surface. The residue can easily be removed and wiped clean through this process. 


Adhesive may react differently to various surfaces and may be incompatible to unique materials. Therefore, it is recommended to try out a short strip to a small corner of the surface first before full application. By applying the tape, the user assumes responsibility on how the surface reacts with the adhesive.