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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Carpet Tape with Box Cutter

Using the Box Cutter with the Carpet Tape to Secure Carpets or Rugs:

  1. Clean both surfaces where you would be installing the tape. Ensure that the surfaces are dry and free of lint, dirt, and dust before installing the tape.
  2. Peel the tape from the roll. Do not cut the strip first.
  3. Apply the tape on the surface, with the other end of the tape still spooled on the roll. 
  4. Cut the tape using the box cutter, making sure to apply tension on the strip by partially pulling the roll. The tension will make the tape easier to cut.
  5. Remove the adhesive liner. You can use the box cutter blade’s edge to create an initial gap between the liner and the tape. This will make separating the adhesive liner easier.
  6. Apply more strips by repeating steps 2-5. You can apply the Carpet Tape on both the bottom of the carpet/rug and the floor. 
  7. Once peeled off, press the carpet against the surface, ensuring it is securely kept in place.

Peeling the Adhesive Liner Off

If you are having trouble separating the adhesive liner from the carpet tape, you can use the edge of the box cutter blade to create an initial gap between the liner and the tape. 

Other Uses of the Box Cutter

Adhesive tapes may stick on the blades of a pair of scissors; hence, using a Box Cutter to cut adhesive tapes, including the XFasten Carpet Tape, can prevent damage from your scissors. The surface of the box cutter blade is also oleophobic, thus preventing adhesives from sticking to it. The Box Cutter can be used to cut plastic, cardboard, and even textile materials.

Carpet Tape Compatibility

The Carpet Tape can be used for carpet-to-floor, carpet-to-carpet, rug-to-carpet, and stair treads-to-hardwood applications. It is compatible with hardwood floor, plastic, metal, tiles, and other carpet surfaces.