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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Caution Tape

1. Set up the poles or conces where you would tie the Caution Tape. It should be stable and strong.

2. Unravel the Caution Tape from the roll. 

3.Tie the Caution Tape on each pole with a strong knot. You can also use duct tape or double-sided tape to increase stability.

4. Apply as many knots and layers of Caution Tape as needed.

5. Cut the Tape either through your hands or a sharp scissors.

Important Reminders

  1. Ensure that the poles where the tape is tied are stable and will not give up under pressure.
  2. Tie the tape with a secure know on each corner of the area that you would like to secure. Ideally, at least 4 poles or foundation bars will cover the whole perimeter. 
  3. If you need to lay the tape on a flat surface, then a double-sided tape of equal or lesser width will be the neatest and most secure way of installing the tape. 
  4. For higher visibility, you can put several layers of caution tape to create a safe perimeter fence.

Improving Workplace Safety

To prevent the caution tape assembly from sagging, applying as much tension as possible in between poles or knots is recommended to make the tape tighter and less prone to flexing. Also, make sure that the poles are sturdy and stable. This way, even if someone steps on the tape, the tape would not sag.

OHSAS Compliant

The XFasten Caution Tape complies with the International Standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series( OHSAS 18001). This enables an organization (XFasten) to control and know all relevant hazards resulting from normal operations and abnormal situations and improve its performance. Whether you are using the XFasten Caution Tape for construction or for pure fun at your costume parties, you are sure that the tape is reliable and strong. 

For Party Events

For Spooky and Zombie-themed parties, the XFasten Caution Tape can be used to add more character and color to your parties. Hang them in dark areas to give an even more spooky vibe.