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Tips and Instructions for XFasten Clean Newsprint Packing Paper - 30.7" x 21" (200 Sheets)


This instruction is for using the XFasten Newsprint Paper as a packing paper or filler for moving supplies. If you are to use the newsprint paper in other applications, please do so, following the steps on using the newsprint paper according to your application type of choice.

  1. You can use newsprint paper whenever you are packing your glasses, chinaware, and other breakables either for storage or transit.
  2. Before wrapping each breakable, make sure that they are wiped clean and are free of dust, dirt, grime, fingerprints, and smudges.
  3. Lay the newsprint paper on a flat and clean surface.
  4. Put the glassware in the middle of the newsprint sheet, making sure that it is positioned diagonally at an angle relative to the newsprint paper.
  5. Roll the breakable along with the newsprint sheet, stuffing it to the ends of the glass.
  6. Continue rolling and wrapping until the glassware is wholly covered. Fold any excess newsprint areas into any empty crevices and openings in the glassware.
  7. For cups, glasses, and vases, you can crumple several newsprint sheets to stuff them inside the cup, hence preventing any objects from going in.
  8. Whenever packing glassware, remember to put the heaviest at the bottom while the most fragile must go to the top.
  9. You can also reinforce the sides of the box using a bubble sheet.
  10. If there are any empty spaces on the box, make sure to crumple some newsprint sheets to make them more compact and dense and stuff them into the empty spaces inside the box.