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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Gummed Tape

For best results on applying your XFasten Gummed Tape, these are some few critical areas that one should put in mind during the application stage:

1) The XFasten Gummed Tape will adhere to paper and cardboard-based surface. This tape is specialized for cardboard and carton boxes so it would be best to apply it only to these types of materials. Make sure to properly dust off and level the surface by which the tape is to be installed.

2) Peel the tape from the roll. Position it on the box or the surface where it is to be applied.

3) Wet the underneath part of the Gummed Tape, that is the site where the dry adhesive is currently situated. This method will activate the adhesive. You can also wet the whole tape either through a brush, sponge or just by directly spraying or pouring gradual amounts of water.

4) Conform the tape with the surface's texture, making sure that no gaps are formed in between. The XFasten Gummed Tape is conformable so make sure that you mold and press it against the surface's bumps, curves and hollow areas covering every possible gap that may accommodate air bubbles.

4) You can insert more layers of the tape if you feel the need for a thicker tape layer for stronger packing or bundling.

5) Allow the tape's adhesive to cure for a few minutes before subjecting the object to extreme force.



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