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Tips and Instructions For XFasten Laminating Pouches


1. To start, grab a laminating pouch from the pack. You can also cut the pouch to customize the sizing. All pouches are also layered with a powerful and bubble-resistant adhesive, giving you a strong and secure adhesion. 

2. Place the laminating pouch on a flat and even surface. Make sure that the business card is clean and free of dust.

3. Open the pouch, align, and center the business card to the pouch. As much as possible, prevent your hands from touching the adhesive side of the pouch. Oils and dirt from our hands may reduce the adhesive strength and leave a fingerprint mark.

4. Carefully install your business card facedown at the center of the pouch.

5. Bend the top sheet to create a small gap between the pouch and the adhesive backing.

6. Remove the adhesive backing and slowly press the layer towards the card, applying direct downward pressure.

7. Eliminate any air bubbles which may exist using a squeegee or any plastic card. Only do a final squeegee once you are sure of the pouch’s placement. 

8. Smoothen, even and press the edges to seal the whole pouch.

9. The newly laminated business card is now ready to be distributed.