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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Tape Measure w/ Adhesive Backing

Self-adhesive Measurement Tape Instructions

  • Make sure that the surface is clean and free of dust and dirt before application. Prep the surface by wiping it with a damp cloth in a soapy or alcohol solution. Be careful with choosing the apt cleaning solution as alcohol can discolor wood surfaces.
  • Once the surface is dry and clean, set the area where the measuring tape would be installed. It would be best to position it in an area where you can easily access it, such as the base of a sewing machine or your woodworking table.
  • Lay down the tape flat on the surface until the desired length. Do not pull the adhesive liner tab yet. Make sure that the tape lies flat on the surface.
  • Slowly and gradually pull the adhesive liner in 2-inch increments. Once an adhesive area is exposed, press it against the surface. Firmly press it with your thumb or palm, making sure that no pockets of air, spaces, or gaps are left between the tape and the surface.
  • Continue the routing of pulling the adhesive liner and pressing the exposed adhesive against the surface until all the adhesive liner is pulled out.
  • Run your thumb along the whole length of the tape to apply pressure on it. This final step ensures that the tape is securely fastened on the surface.

Where You Can Use the Self-adhesive Measurement Tape

You can apply the measurement tape on any areas and surfaces wherein you might need to measure out objects quickly. You can install it on your woodworking table, sewing machine base, notebook, table, and even cabinets and warehouse racks. The XFasten Self-adhesive measurement tape will adhere to any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, and stone.

Removing the Adhesive

In rare cases, the adhesive can stick into objects such as the edge of a scissor. Either of the following steps can easily remove the adhesive:

  1. Partially melting the adhesive using the warm air exhaust of a hairdryer or a heat gun. Warm air will soften the adhesive and thus make it easier for you to remove any adhesive residue. After partially melting the adhesive, then you can wipe off the adhesive residue.
  2. Wiping the surface with warm water with soap and white vinegar solution. You can also use a soft brush to remove the adhesive faster. You can also mix in some baking soda to the solution.
  3. Applying Goo Gone solution, lighter fluid, or kerosene on the surface. This will melt the adhesive without damaging the surface. Soak the surface for 15 minutes and simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. The residue can easily be removed and wiped clean through this process.