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Tips and Instructions for XFasten Thank You Stickers

XFasten Thank You Stickers Instructions

  1. Make sure that the surface where you would be installing the Thank You Sticker Label is clean, dry, and dust-free.
  2. Cut a small section of the roll, including the paper adhesive liner. Cut as much sections as you would like to use.
  3. Carefully peel the adhesive liner section. Only touch the edge of the sticker label. NOTE: make sure to not touch the self-adhesive side as oils from your hands or any other foreign materials can contaminate the adhesive and lessen its bonding strength.
  4. Install the sticker label on the surface. Gently press against the surface to increase the bonding strength. Squeegee any pockets of air or gaps that may exist between the label and the surface.

Increasing the Application Strength

  1. Apply as much pressure as possible by pressing the sticker label against the surface. This removes any gaps and also increase the surface area of contact between the surface and the silicone tape.
  2. Do not touch the adhesive part to prevent contaminating the adhesive.

Removing the Adhesive

To remove the sticker label, simply peel them off from the surface. On rare cases, the adhesive can stick into objects. Although highly unlikely, adhesive residues, if there are any, can be easily removed by either of the following steps:

Partially melting the adhesive using the warm air exhaust of a hairdryer or a heat gun. Warm air will soften the adhesive and thus make it easier for you to remove any adhesive residue. After partially melting the adhesive, then you can simply wipe off the adhesive residue. Heat also deactivates the adhesion of the sticker label temporarily so you can use this method during removal of the sticker if you