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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Wire Harness Tape

1. This instruction manual assumes that you have already fixed any wiring connections, pins and tabs. Thus, this manual will only focus on how to use the Wire Harness Tape, and not on how to repair your wirings and or which areas to look for tabs to repair, solder, or desolder.
2. Clean the surface of the wire. Lint, dirt, and dust can significantly lessen the bonding strength of adhesives. You can use a WD40, brake cleaner, or any degreaser and cleaner of your choice. 
3. Have someone assist you to hold the wire loom or have it gently clamped. You need to clamp one end of the wire loom such that it sits steadily while you are looping the tape around.
4.Peel the tape from the roll. Do not cut the wire harness tape yet. 
5. Position and apply the wire harness tape in the wires. Wrap the tape around the wires by looping them around. Maximize the tension whenever bundling wires together. You can increase the tension by tightening the tape whiles installing it. 
6. Press the tape against the surface if the wires while installing it. Make sure that no pockets of air or gaps exist between the surface of the wires and the tape. 
7. Cut the tape only when the whole length of the wires are wrapped with the Wire Harness Tape. You can use a pair of scissor or your bare hands in cutting the wire harness tape.

Keep Your Wires Organized 
Whenever stripping old loom tape and exposing the bare wiring, temporarily tie the wiring using a zip tie every time any of your wires branch out from the main loom. This keeps them in place. It helps your wires face in the same direction as to where they supposed to be, making the retaping easier.

Increasing the Bonding Strength
You can increase the bonding strength of the Wire Harness Tape by pressing it to the surface. Make sure to press it firmly through your fingers. Squeegee any air bubbles or gaps that may exist between the surface and the tape. 
2. If you have hair dryer or a heat gun, you can also heat the adhesive using warm air exhaust. Heating the adhesive upon installation will temper it and further increase the adhesive's strength.
3. Before applying the wire harness tape, make sure that the wires are free of residue. Some prefer submerge them in water. You can however just use WD40 or any cleaning reagent. 

Removing the Adhesive
On rare cases, the adhesive can stick into objects such as the edge of a scissor. The adhesive can be easily removed by either of the following steps: 
1. Partially melting the adhesive using the warm air exhaust of a hair dryer. After partially melting the adhesive, then you can simply wipe off the adhesive residue. 
2. Wiping the surface with a warm water with soap and white vinegar solution. You can also use a soft brush to remove the adhesive faster. You can also mix in some baking soda to the solution. 
3. Applying Goo Gone solution, lighter fluid, or kerosene on the surface. The residue can easily be removed and wiped clean through this process.