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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Anti-Slip Floor Protector Rug

Sweep the mats or vacuum the surface as often as you clean the carpet or floor. If used as a chair mat, prevent direct sunlight from constantly shining on the area. If your office space is near a window, use blinds or curtains to prevent the light from damaging the mat. You can use a small brush to clean off stubborn dust, dirt, or grime. Also, if used as a chair mat, clean the legs or rollers of the chair regularly to prevent dust from building up.



If needed, the XFasten Anti-Slip Office Chair Mat can and should only be washed by hands and not by machine. To wash by hand:

1.) Gently run the placemats in running water and wash gently with mild soap
2.) If there is persistent dirt, grime, or stains, you can soak the placemats in soap and water for 30 minutes before washing them.
3.) Ensure that all soap is washed out by rinsing them again under cool water after washing.
4.) Wring gently.
5.) Air dry.


If a crease or fold has developed on an area, lay down the creased area on a hard, leveled, and flat surface. Flatten the mat by pressing it against the surface. Get a wet/damp cloth and put it over the creased area. Iron the mat gently with the wet cloth, acting as a mid-layer between the mat and the hot iron. The steam released by the damp cloth will help remove the crease. Continue ironing the surface until the wrinkle is gone. Make sure to wet the damp cloth once it has dried up.