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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Box Cutter - Set of 12


  • Carefully hold the box cutter handle with your dominant hand and then pull the blade out.
  • Slowly but surely cut the box.
  • Make sure to not put your hand on the line of the cut to prevent injuries and accidents.
  • You can cut the box faster, but be sure to not point the blade towards you or any part of your body while cutting.
  • Retract the blade after use. Store the box cutter in a cool and dry place that is out of reach of children. Do not expose the blades in moisture. Do not put it on your pocket to prevent accidental cuts on your thigh or leg.


  • Carefully and firmly hold the box cutter in your hand while cutting boxes.
  • Never look away from the box that you are cutting. Eliminate any distractions that may remove your focus from the box that you are cutting to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Minimize talking to others or multitasking whenever cutting boxes. Always remember that whenever dealing with sharp objects, you must never do or switch to other tasks.
  • If possible do not cut boxes too fast. Always set your cutting speed to match what your hands can do mechanically to prevent slips and accidents.
  • Always cut in the direction facing away from you.
  • Do not put your hand or any body part in the line or direction of the cut.
  • Do not store the box cutter inside your pocket.
  • Store the box cutter in a place that’s out of reach of children.