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Tips & Instructions for the XFasten Japan Dots Roller

The XFasten Japan Dots Adhesive Roller is a light-duty, crystal-clear scrapbooking tape that is calibrated for home, office, and enterprise use. It features a jamming-resistant applicator that allows for quick dispensing and cutting of tapes - giving you more mileage over time.
  • Make sure that the surface where you’ll use the Double-Sided Adhesive Roller is not too thin. Apply the roller slowly and carefully if the surface is too thin or sensitive.


  • Hold the sheet or surface. If the object is a sheet of paper or cardboard, it would be best to lay it on a flat surface. This is to ensure that the surface is stable and does not move too much if it is a sheet of paper or cardboard.


  • Hold the roller, touch the tip of the tool on the surface and roll.


  • Hold the roller firmly as you are using it. Make sure that the application is as straight as possible.


  • Once the double-sided adhesive has been laid down on the surface, carefully peel the adhesive liner off. Mount the surface which is to be adhered and press it gently to improve the initial bonding strength and remove any air pockets that may exist between the surface and the tape.


To remove the adhesive, simply rub it off with your finger. The XFasten Japan Dots Adhesive Roller is designed to be removable so it'll be easier to manage if you make any mistake with your project. 

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