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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Laminating Sheets

For best results on applying your XFasten Laminating Sheets, these are some few critical areas that one should put in mind during the application stage:

1) This pack comes with 50 sheets, which means that you can laminate up to 25 pieces of documents, photos, reports, reminders and other essential works with it. To start, grab a pair of laminating sheets from the pack. Each sheet does not come bundled with each other to give you the ability to cut the sheets and perhaps use only 1 sheet for smaller documents. All sheets are also layered with a powerful and bubble-resistant adhesive, giving you a strong and secure adhesion.

2) The paper adhesive backing of each sheet comes with blue guidelines to help you cut the sheet if needed for smaller documents. Make use of this, lay your paper or photo on the adhesive backing and cut the outlines using a pair of scissors or a sharp cutter.  Be careful in handling sharp objects, we don't want you to end up being harmed so it would be best to point the sharp edge of the tool that you use away from you.

3) After cutting both sheets, you can now remove the adhesive backing. Quickly place the document on one of the sheets. As much as possible, prevent your hands from touching the sticky side of the sheet. Oils and dirt from our hand may reduce the adhesive strength and worse, leave a fingerprint mark or smudge.

4) Do this for the second sheet and carefully align it with the already installed laminating sheet on the opposite side of the document. You can also use a thick cardboard material instead of a secondary laminating sheet at the back of the document to give the document or photo that is to be laminated a much more rigid backing support.

5) Eliminate any air bubbles which may exist using a squeegee or any plastic card. You can lift the secondary sheet and align it if needed. Only do a final squeegee once you are sure of the sheet's placement.

6) Allow the sheet's adhesive to cure, dry and acclimatize for a few minutes.