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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Crystal Clear Transparent Tape, 3/4" x 1000" (Pack of 8)

1) Always use durable and heavy duty packaging tape just like the XFasten Clear Tape. Put several layers on boxes that are expected to be transported at long distances or stored for relatively extended periods.  

2) Use durable corrugated boxes on your parcels. For fragile or breakable objects, double-wall or even tri-wall constructions would be ideal.  

3) Avoid using old boxes that might have lost their rigidity or stiffness.  

4) Underfilled boxes may collapse while overstuffed parcels may burst. Hence it is better to pick the right size beforehand. For overstuffed boxes, it would be best to apply several layers of the XFasten Clear Tape to ensure the integrity of the packaging strength.  

5) If you need to, include labels in your parcel whether or not it is fragile, contains a battery or other relevant tags.




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