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Vinyl and Fabric Repair Tape



The XFasten Vinyl Repair Tape sports the perfect blend of flexibility and toughness that can withstand extreme weather conditions may it be snow, heavy rainfall, extreme air draft and direct heat. The heavy-duty elastomer is elastic, deters further tears, and stops punctures that even those who have little to no experience in vinyl and fabric repair patching can install the repair tape cleanly, without a mess and have a professional finish at the end. It stops further rips, tearing and damage, thus squeezing more life from your valuables!

Why Choose the XFasten Vinyl Repair Patch Tape?

+ Weatherproof adhesive that will not budge even under extreme outdoor weather such as extreme air drag, rain, snow, and direct sunlight. This tape is built to last and take a beating. Just patch the tape in the puncture, forget about it, and you’re good to go!

+ Works on patching holes for tents, exercise balls, kayak, inflatable bed, pool float, and airbed mattress. Resistant to ripping and puncturing, thus stopping further surface damage. Increase the longevity of your awning and tent with the XFasten inflatable bed patch tape.

+ Simply peel off the adhesive liner, reposition if you are not satisfied with the tape installation and press firmly once you are sure.

+ Silicone-butyl adhesive composite solution ensures that the repair tape for vinyl and fabric tape adheres well on vinyl, leather, fabric, tarp, and other surfaces .

+ Holds up against moisture, solvents, and corrosive chemicals.

Why Choose The XFasten brand?

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