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XFasten Anti Slip Tape | Bathtub and Shower Treads | 1 Inch x 15 Foot

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We deeply care for you and your family's well-being.

That's the reason behind the conception of XFasten's yet newest creation, the XFasten Safety-walk tub and shower tread. It is designed to ensure sure-footed protection whenever you step in or out of your bathtub or shower area. It can be installed on the bottoms of the said areas, according to the pattern of your likeness. Since it is packaged in a roll, you can simply cut the strips yourself and decide as to what pattern you would like to position them.

Ensuring Safety In Your Comfort Room

Slippery areas can be the main cause of accidents. And this is especially true in the bathroom. That's why we have created the safety-walk treads for your bathtubs and shower. It ensures that your foot is given maximum traction but still with utmost comfort. You would never feel the treads, as if it isn't there to begin with. But, what you would surely feel is how protected you are by the increased traction that it gives.

Easy Installation, Tread Repositioning and Reliable Adhesive

The XFasten Safety Treads can be cut easily using a pair of scissors, making the installation process extremely easy. Also, the adhesive is water-proof, meaning this tape would stay in place even after long term exposure to water and wet areas. If you would need to remove it to install another one, you can simply lift the edge and peel the tape off. It would never leave a residue to your tiles or bathtub, so that's an added bonus. The treads traction pad would never fade even after long exposure to water. Here at XFasten Apipema, we would make sure to give you the utmost protection and safety and the XFasten Safety-Walk Tub and Shower Tread is a testament of that promise.

  • The XFasten Anti slip tape bathtub and shower treads provides utmost safety, preventing slips and falls in the tub.
  • This bathtub safety strips ensures sure-footed protection of you and your family, can be installed on bathtubs and showers
  • Reliable grip gives long term traction, yet still feels extremely comfortable under bare feet.
  • The XFasten bathtub strips is mold and mildew resistant and water-proof adhesive stays strong even after years of exposure to water.
  • Can be cut, installed and repositioned easily without leaving any sticky residue on your bath tub.