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XFasten Anti Slip Tape | 2 Inches x 30 Foot | Clear

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The XFasten Clear Anti Slip Tape is a safety walk tape that ensures the safety of your kids, elderly people and pets while it brings out and highlights the beauty of your flooring material- may it be glossy wood, outdoor wooden panels, marble or tiles. It provides sure-footed traction to everyone but is at the same time comfortable enough to feel under your feet. It made of a clear polycarbonate material subtly textured with a soft rubberized feel, giving you an anti slip tape that elegantly blends to your flooring material while giving you utmost comfort and feeling of safety.

The XFasten Anti Slip Tape is best used on :

- Indoor stairs with wooden finishes and surfaces

-Stone and marble tiles

-Cement and brick outside your home

-Entrance steps before your bathroom or anywhere that may get wet and slippery.

-Pathways at your backyard or beside your pool

-Other surfaces and elevated grounds that need traction.

Key Features To Remember :

Children, elderly and pet security.This safety tape will ensure a sure-footed protection by providing a safe yet comfortable degree of traction to your feet.

Moisture, mold, mildew, cracking and peeling resistant.This tape will last even if it is installed on locations that are constantly exposed to moisture like outside bathrooms or beside the pool.

Residue Free Adhesive.Should you need to replace or reposition it, it will not leave any residue and will also not damage your flooring.

Longest roll per unit price.Sticking to Apipema's principle of providing utmost satisfaction, this tape is by far the most generous roll per unit price on Amazon!

Long lasting adhesive.Once you install it, it will stabilize in the surface as long as you would want it to be installed.

  • The XFasten Safety track tape gives sure footed traction to you, your kids, elderly people, and pets
  • Adhesive is strong enough to last in a long term basis without damaging your flooring material
  • Compliments well to the beauty of indoor stairs with glossy wooden finish as it is subtle and clear
  • Residue-free, moisture resistant and resists cracking and peeling- perfect for bathrooms and pools
  • Longest and most generous amount of tape in a single roll- giving the best bang for your buck