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XFasten Caution Tape | 3 Inches x 1000 Foot | Yellow

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The XFasten Caution Tape prevents injuries by securing the perimeter and providing an early warning to people not to enter the facility or help them identify the boundaries of existing hazardous areas.

Why the XFasten Caution Tape is Designed For You

+ We used a highly visible and vibrant hue of yellow for the vinyl roll to easily catch the attention of people, thus giving them a warning signal even while they are approaching from far distances.

+ A deep and inky black was used for the lettering that is printed on bold fonts, inducing contrast with the yellow background, thus registering the word 'CAUTION' to your perception much faster.

+ The tape roll was designed to be flexible so even if it is pushed from time to time or even with heavy winds, the tape will not sag, loosen or tear.

+ Deep pigments were used for the tape making it resistant to fade or abrasion even under harsh and changing weather conditions.

+ UV, moisture and water resistant making it an ideal choice even on areas that experience heavy downpours.

+ Can be cut and installed easily, thus setting it up will only take a few minutes- after all, safety measures should be done quickly so as to prevent accidents from happening.

Why Choose XFasten and how do we differ from the rest?

The XFasten Caution Tape can cover the most area with 62,500 sq. ft of coverage with its 3" wide and 1000 ft long dimensions giving you the best value for your money.

We at XFasten focus more on product development, research and quality assurance instead of mass production. Furthermore, XFasten guarantees that you will be provided a customer support team that will never give up until you feel satisfied with your order.

  • Highly visible barricade border made of vibrant yellow vinyl tape with deep contrasting 'CAUTION' lettering that is written on bold font to increase readability making it recognizable from as far as 400 feet away.
  • Generous 1000-foot roll that can cover up to 62,500 sq. ft of area ensures that you get the most value for your money. The 3-inch wide tape is easy to manage, unroll, tuck, tie and install on posts.
  • Resistant to fading and abrasion even under harsh weather conditions, UV exposure and will not tear or sag easily once installed as it is flexible even under high wind speeds or tremendous force. Perfect for securing work areas or for decorating themed and Halloween parties.
  • Prevents accidents and injuries by securing the perimeter on construction sites, road work, obstacles, PPE zones, trenches, non-operational or malfunctioning machineries and other hazards.
  • A must have supply for contractors, utility and maintenance teams, public safety tasks, automotive, aerospace, military, general industrial transportation and other facilities management jobs.