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XFasten Black Chalkboard Tape, 2-Inch x 30-Foot

by XFasten
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The XFasten Blackboard Chalk Tape is a reliable marking tool that is compatible with all chalk colors. It does not erase or rub off unnecessarily. When the markings are erased, it does not leave air bubbles or ghost markings, making it fresh, ready and new-looking to accommodate new markings and reminders. Overall, this elegant and premium looking tape allows teachers, kids, parents and office workers to post about reminders and other important details quickly while on the go.


What Makes the XFasten Black Chalkboard Duct Tape Different From Other Brands?

+ 30 ft roll provides large writing real estate, giving you more value for your money

+ Markings can be erased yet it will not smudge or rub off easily if you touch the markings by mistake

+ Does not leave any ghost markings after it has been erased

+ Handles wear and tear excellently

+ Specially designed for teachers and parents with its easy-to-manage roll

+ Adhesive is strong enough to adhere properly to any surface but does not leave any messy residue

+ Has long lifespan and does not yellow out or fade over time

Why Choose the XFasten Chalkboard Tape?

+ Extra long 30-ft roll means that you can have more tape for less price compared to other brands

+ Sticks to most surfaces even on rough and textured ones

+ Easy to apply, cut and install making it perfect for various projects at home

Here at the XFasten store, we can assure you, our valued customer that we truly care for your satisfaction and happiness. We are just an email away should you have any concerns or inquiries.

  • Removable Black Chalkboard Tape that resists smudging as chalk writings do not erase or rub off unnecessary when accidentally touched by hand, thanks to its oleo-phobic matte-finish coating that prevents oils and dust from accumulating on the surface.
  • Chalkboard Duct Tape that resists unnecessary chalk ghosting and wipes off neatly with a tissue, cloth, or chalk eraser, empowering you to creating chalkboard labels that looks clean and professional.
  • Residue-free and mess-free application allows you to turn any area or wall into an adhesive chalkboard label and then freely clean and remove it after- great for users who are renting their place or for anyone who wants to remove the chalkboard tape later.
  • Black Chalkboard tape adhesive allows easy installation and prevents unnecessary curling and clumping in the hands. Can be removed and re-positioned without leaving any sticky residue. Adheres well to cement, tile, marble, plastic, metal surfaces, leather, textile and wood.
  • This removable blackboard label tape creates sharp contrast and extremely readable markings even from a distance. Resists UV and moisture resistant making it perfect for teachers in the classroom, parents, students, on-the-go people that need quick reminders that does not take much time, business professionals and DIY project lovers.