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XFasten Colored Masking Tape Craft Set, 1-Inch x 30 Yards, 6 Pack

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Not all Masking Tapes are created equally.The XFasten Colored Masking Tape Craft Set - 6 pack is the best masking tape set XFasten offers which cater to kids, office workers, parents, and artists.

If you are a parent and you are looking for a great way to step up your arts and crafts bonding moment with your kid, then a good multicolor watercolor masking tape is a simple yet must-have tool on your arsenal.


Here are the features that our colorful masking tape craft set offers:

+ Vibrant, festive, deep and saturated hues that are designed for kids’ games such as hopscotch, 4 Square, dioramas, play sets and even decorating toys and origami.

+ Nontoxic and hypoallergenic adhesive that ensures your kid's safety and comfort while they enjoy creating arts and craft projects.

+ Easy to cut by hand crepe paper surface for quick projects.

+ Conformable and easy to work with art tape.

+ Resists Jamming, curling and sticking to its side.

+ Does not split unnecessarily mid-roll.

+ Compatible to a wide array of surfaces such as art paper, concrete, plastic, floor, tiles, and wood.

+ Calibrated for art paper use which means that it is residue and mess free and will not leave any sticky residue or damage the art paper upon removal.

+ Medium tack adhesive that does not leave any sticky residue.

+ High storage and shelf life and will not turn gooey over time.

+ Holds firmly, prevents paint bleeding but does not leave any residue.

+ Our medium tack adhesive is water-resistant which means that it will prevent paint and watercolor from seeping on your art paper, but it will not damage your canvass or sketchbook upon removal.


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