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XFasten Construction Seaming Tape Red, 3" x 55 Yards (3-Pack, 55 Yards Each)

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The XFasten Red Seaming Tape is a heavy-duty and all-weather construction tape built to last and withstands high humidity and extreme temperature (-4°F to 203°F). It sticks to all building material types- foam insulating boards, polyethylene sheets, house wrap, vapor barrier sheet, tile, wood, ceramic, concrete, roofing materials, and even epoxy resin.

Why Choose the XFasten Red Construction Sheathing Tape?

● BUILT TO LAST. With a puncture and abrasion-resistant body, curling, and lengthwise-splitting resistant fiberglass backing, and weatherproof adhesion, the XFasten Red Construction Seaming Tape is designed to take a beating without falling off and maintaining its sealing properties to your vapor barrier sheets.

● MADE FOR BEGINNERS, FOR PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS. Say goodbye to clunky house wrap tapes that are difficult and messy to apply. Its non-stick outer layer prevents epoxy resin from sticking, making it a formidable epoxy resin tape. This tape produces neat and professional-looking finishes on crawlspace and vapor barrier film seams and joints.

● DOES NOT SPLIT AND BREAK UNNECESSARILY. Many red construction sheathing tapes on the market are too thin to the point that they often split lengthwise. When this happens, you will go through the hassle of slowly and meticulously working through the split tape until you get an unsplit piece, cut the end off, and only then can you resume your work. We solved this by incorporating a fiberglass middle-layer on the tape, allowing for optimal thickness while preventing the tape from splitting, breaking, or curling midroll.

● EASY TO PEEL AND STICK FOR FASTER APPLICATION. Best used by professionals and contractors as our tape is equipped with a quick-release adhesive backing, which allows for faster peeling and sticking- such that you can save time and instead focus on more crucial tasks.

  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE AND ALL-WEATHER red construction seaming tape that provides extreme tack and sealing to vapor barrier film seams, house wrap seams, foam insulation boards, crawl spaces and joints.
  • PREVENTS LENGTH-WISE SPLITTING. Are you tired of getting vapor barrier tapes that just split lengthwise while being unspooled from the roll? The XFasten house wrap sheathing tape has a fiberglass sheathing tape backing that prevents it from unnecessary curling, breaking, or splitting lengthwise allowing for zero delays and fast operation on construction and renovation projects.
  • WATERPROOF AND HUMIDITY-RESISTANT. The underlayment tape’s waterproof adhesive prevents bubble formation due to moisture and humidity. Due to its high resistance against humidity, it works best as a crawlspace seam tape for seaming, edge-taping and electrical box-trimming.
  • EXTREME ADHESION. Thanks to its silicone-butyl adhesive composite, the XFasten construction sheathing tape sticks well for months without falling off, especially on rigid foam board insulation, house wrap, vapor barrier film, polyethylene sheets and greenhouse tarp.
  • DESIGNED TO TAKE A BEATING. This crawlspace vapor barrier tape does not degrade under extreme heat or low temperatures (-4°F to 203°F). Resistant to UV, sunlight, rainfall and snowy weather. It is also puncture and abrasion resistant—enabling the AVERAGE AMERICAN HOMEOWNER who HAS LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE IN HOME BUILDING to achieve PROFESSIONAL-GRADE repair both in looks and functionality.