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XFasten Cushion Foam Sheets 12-Inch by 12-Inch, Pack of 50

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The XFasten Cushion Foam Sheets is the first ever packaging cushion that is build for rugged and rough terrain transit, thanks to its proprietary memory foam design which conforms to every corner and groove of your delicate belongings, giving your property an absolute protection from all sides of possible impact. We manufactured these packaging supplies to empower first time home movers, students, establishment owners and average American home owners in their packaging needs. With the XFasten Cushion Foam Sheets, you are sure that your glassware, China plates, precious ornaments and even furniture will be protected from breakage, dust and abrasion while it is stored on transported.

Why Choose The XFasten Cushion Foam Sheets?

● Sheets are rated to last up to 10 years and will return to its original cushioning power and shape every after use, thanks to its superior foam fiber arrangement.

● Comes in a pack of 50 at a fraction of the cost compared to other foam sheets! This is the most cost-effective cushioning sheet on Amazon.

● Shields your belongings against dust and abrasion, making this sheet perfect for storage of Christmas ornaments, decorations and other precious wares that are occasionally used.

● Provides extreme shock and vibration cushion to your wares, allowing you to move without any fear of breaking your belongings, even on rough terrains!

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products which have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.

  • Shock absorbent and abrasion resistant cushion foam sheets that are made to take a beating and protect your glassware, dishes, porcelain, and China wares while being stored or transported especially on rough terrains.
  • EMPOWERS AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS. Proprietary foam memory technology perfectly conforms to your items’ shape- enabling reinforced protection. This packaging cushion is manufactured for home movers, students, establishment owners and AVERAGE AMERICAN citizens who want to store or transport their breakable items without any worries.
  • Rated to last for up to 10 years, returning to its original shape and cushioning power every after usage, ENABLING it to be REUSABLE even after months of use. Keep your delicate Christmas ornaments, China plates and other breakable items dust free and in pristine condition with our packing supplies.
  • Foam memory technology allows this cushion foam to absorb a lot of energy, enabling the sheet to be flexible and elastic for extra cushioning on bumps and rough terrains. Avoids breakages, scratches and cracks.
  • XFasten is a certified US Trademark brand, which means that not only your precious belongings are protected, your purchases are guaranteed for satisfaction too. We will exhaust all possible means to make you satisfied and happy with your purchase from us!