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XFasten Disposable Shoe Covers (50 Pairs) Waterproof

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Nobody would want to spend a fortune on delicate flooring, tiles, or even carpet only to have it stained after a guest, carpenter, or contractor forgets to take off his/her shoes after stepping from the mud and snow outside. And nothing is more frustrating than finding out that the grime has left a faint but permanent stain. The XFasten Waterproof Shoe Cover solves this problem by offering you comfortable and durable disposable and non-slip foot covers that protect your floor and carpets from dust, grime, dirt, mud, and snow from outside. What’s more, you can also use these as disposable rain and snow shoe covers to protect your shoes, sneakers, and boots from outdoor water damage, dirt, grime, and mud.

Why Choose the XFasten Indoor and Outdoor Disposable and Nonslip Shoe Covers?

● ALL-DAY WEAR WITHOUT SAGGING AND RIPPING. Are you a real estate appraiser, a laboratory professional, or are you just someone who needs to remove and slip on these shoe coverings constantly? We got you covered! Our reusable shoe covers are equipped with a strong elastic band that prevents deformation and loosening even when stretched multiple times. The thick CPE surface also prevents sagging, tearing, and puncture, even if worn all day.

● COMFORTABLE AND BARELY FEELS THAT IT IS THERE. The CPE surface’s optimal thickness allows for maximum protection on both your shoe and flooring and carpet while maintaining to be lightweight- so that you can stay comfortable all day.

● EASY TO SLIP ON. Wide shoe opening allows for intuitive and effortless use. Slip-on these rain and snow shoe covers, and you are good to go!

● NON SLIP. Our disposable boots covers have a non-abrasive but grippy base that is ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS) compliant. These shoe booties for shoe covers will prevent workplace incidents and accidents, making it ideal for laboratories or as a painter's shoe cover.

  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE AND WATERPROOF SHOE COVERS that’s best for both outdoor and indoor use. Protects your house floor and carpets from dirt, grime, snow, and mud outside. Its extra-strong elastic band also enables it to be worn multiple times in a day without sagging or loosening.
  • DURABLE AND SAG-FREE ELASTIC BAND. Do you often need to remove and reuse your shoe and boots coverings? We’ve got you covered! Our non-slip shoe covers are equipped with a deformation-resistant elastic banding that allows for all-day use WITHOUT LOSING ELASTICITY. These reusable shoe covers are best for real estate appraisers, medical and laboratory professionals as you can remove them anytime and simply slip them back on once needed!
  • TEARING AND PUNCTURE RESISTANT. Are you frustrated of purchasing cheap disposable shoe and boots covers that just rip apart after few hours of use? Our non-slip foot covers are precisely machined to have the optimal thickness for a comfortable all-day-wear without tearing or sagging while still being lightweight and breathable that they feel as if they are barely on your foot.
  • PROTECT YOUR CARPETS AND FLOOR. People spend a fortune for good carpets and flooring. Never allow anyone to step over them with dirty shoes as carpets can be difficult if not impossible to restore once they have been stained with mud or grime. Our painters shoe covers protects your floors and carpets especially if you have a lot of guests or if painters, carpenters or contractors are renovating parts of your home.