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XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape 2” X 5 Yds, 1” Core

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Carpet Seam Tape is a handy tool that everyone should keep at home every time. However, even if you’re a professional or a DIY user, there are some points that you should know to make your life easier when using rug corner grippers.

Familiarize yourself with your environment, so you’ll know whether an area rug tape is your best option under the circumstances. Also, remember to do a strip test before using the carpet binding tape. It’s necessary because all surface materials react differently to different types of tape.

Why Choose the XFasten Carpet Tape?

The XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape is one of the best carpet tape for hardwood floors in the market. Here are some reasons why you should choose the XFasten Carpet Tape:

• It’s tried and tested to withstand time and any amount of foot traffic.

• This rug gripper tape has strong adhesion but will not ruin delicate surfaces and even expensive carpet and rug materials.

• It’s designed and manufactured to provide safety at everyone’s home. With the XFasten rug gripper for carpet over carpet, you don’t have to worry about accidents happening to your kids, parents, fur babies, and others.

MORE SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM. Shop more sizes of the carpet adhesive from XFasten. It's available in 2” X 5-yd, 2" X 10-yd, 2" X 20-yd, 2" X 30-yd, 2" X 60-yd, 3" X 20-yd, and 4" X 30-yd, so there's a double sided carpet tape variant for every job.

Choose the carpet tape tailored for your everyday needs. Choose XFasten.

1-INCH CORE FOR A MORE COMPACT CARPET TAPE. XFasten aims for product innovation for everything launched in the market. This new double sided tape for rugs has a 1-inch core for a compact and handy everyday adhesive. Now, you can bring it everywhere!

STRONG HOLDING POWER. You can never go wrong with the XFasten brand rug tape for area rugs on carpet because it has a strong adhesive strength and will keep your carpet and area rugs to stay in place.

MULTIPURPOSE DOUBLE SIDED RUG TAPE FOR CARPET. This carpet tape double sided isn’t just for carpets and area rugs but also for arts and crafts and any DIY projects at home, in the office, and at events places.

NO MESS AREA RUG TAPE. Your heavy duty rug tape shouldn’t give you a hassle but instead give you a helping hand with everyday problems. This two sided carpet tape will never leave any messy goo when removed to any surface.

WORKS WITH ALL RUGS AND THICKNESSES. Are you worried that your double sided carpet tape for area rugs might ruin your favorite rug and carpet? There’s nothing to worry about when using the XFasten anti slip rug tape because it’s compatible with all rugs and carpet materials, and it can adhere to even the thickest carpet that you have.

RESIDUE-FREE AND SURFACE-SAFE. Although these carpet grippers for area rugs on carpet provide a firm grip, they still guarantee safe and residue-free on different surfaces. There is no need to worry about using the carpet tape for area rugs over carpet for a long time because it won't turn into goo.

SAME CARPET TAPE QUALITY, MADE EVEN MORE PORTABLE. We from XFasten recognize the need to move towards products and packaging that can help preserve our environment, without sacrificing the quality of our products. This Carpet Tape is made with a 1-inch core roll, lessening its manufacturing carbon footprint, while making the tape much more handy, portable, and easy to store.

WOOD-SAFE. This is the perfect double sided tape for wood laminate, wood tile, and wooden floors and stair steps. Designed to not leave a residue, our Carpet Tape will not damage nor pull up the surface finish even after years of being adhered on the surface.

PREVENTS GUMMING UP. A lot of adhesive tapes gum up and ooze out after being stored for months. Simply store upright in a cool and dry place, and our Carpet Tape, thanks to its more compact core size, will not gum up or reduce into a sticky goo for years!

PERFECT FOR HOMES WITH KIDS AND LARGE DOGS. Our Carpet Tape has a tensile strength (parallel to the floor surface) of up to 70 pounds per square inch, making sure that your carpets will not move even with kids or large dogs running around the house.