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XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape, 4" x 30 Yards

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With the end goal of producing a carpet tape that can have a larger surface area coverage for increased stability in comparison to typical carpet tapes, this tape was crafted as another brainchild of the Research and Development Department of XFasten, one of the pioneers in adhesion technology here on Amazon and in America. It is a durable and heavy-duty tape that will prevent carpets from curling, slipping or moving. It can be repositioned and will not damage the flooring material or finish.

The XFasten 4"x30Yards Carpet Tape has 60% more width compared to most carpet tapes, giving it superior strength in comparison to other brands.


Where can you use the XFasten Carpet Tape?


Here are a few scenarios where you can use our carpet tape:

-Carpet to carpet application

-Carpet to floor application

-Adhering rugs to any surface of choice

-Shielding your furniture from pet scratches

-General duct tape applications

-Attaching curtains and other pieces of cloth

-For CNC wood working and other industrial applications

-To hold decorations on walls


On Which Surfaces Will It Adhere?


Concrete, cement and any other outdoor textured and rough surfaces

-Tiles, marble, vinyl, and any other indoor smooth surfaces

-Wooden Finish and other delicate materials

-Leather and other cloth-based materials


Other Useful Features


-Best balance between premium quality material build and a generous amount of carpet tape roll. The XFasten Carpet Tape is a well-balanced tape that champions both quality and quantity.

-Safe for delicate material finishes

-Can be re-positioned and does not leave any sticky residue

-Does not damage the wood finish and other delicate materials

Perfect protection for your kids, older adults, and pets at home.

  • 100% Polycarbonate-based Fabric with Surface Finish Safe Silicone Composite Adhesive
  • Strong and Surface Finish Safe Carpet Tape with 4 Inches Width- 60% more compared to typical carpet-rug tapes. This provides more surface area coverage during installation, thus producing much more stable adhesion for carpets, rugs, runners, and wall-to-wall carpets compared to other double-sided tapes with lesser overall width.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to both smooth and rough surfaces. Ideal for hardwood, carpet to carpet applications, wall to wall carpets, gym mats, yoga mats, rubber mats and floor runners.
  • Wider form factor provides high tensile strength and aggressive adhesion secures carpets, rugs and mats in place. Excellent for woodworking, CNC machines and guitar making.
  • Provides utmost safety to kids and the elderly by preventing your carpets from slipping suddenly.
  • Can be easily removed by hand without leaving any residue that may damage hardwood floor finishes.