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XFasten Foam Mounting Tape | 1 Inch x 150 Inch

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The XFasten Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape is an efficient exterior and interior mounting tape that can mount objects up to 3pounds together per square inch of tape in a long term basis. It works on both even and uneven surfaces. Where it shines is for exterior use where it performs better compared to other leading brands on textured, rough and uneven surfaces. The XFasten Foam Mount Tape can also be applied both indoors and outdoors since it is resistant to moisture. You can install it without worries on places that are constantly exposed to moisture like your bathroom

Compatible and Versatile to Many Types of Surfaces

This heavy duty mounting tape is guaranteed to adhere to the following surfaces but is certainly not limited to the ones listed:

-Delicate wooden finishes and surfaces

-Stone and marble tiles

-Cement, concrete, and brick

-Metal, plastic and other decorative surfaces

-Nylon, cloth and other fabric materials

-Carpet, Leather and other furniture finishes

-Paper, Cardboard and other arts and crafts materials

All Around Utility

This exterior mounting tape is capable of bonding permanently, making it a perfect solution if you ever would want a reliable adhesive. Here are a few recommended uses of the foam mounting tape:

- Perfect for layering on greeting cards, DIYs and other arts and crafts projects. It adds an extra dimension to greeting cards, taking your art to a whole new level.

-Mounting photos and poster on the wall.

-Mounting bathroom accessories and home decors.

-Mounting light objects such as nameplates and exterior signage on bricks, concrete and other rough surfaces.

-Can be used as a noise cancellation device in between doors to prevent loud banging noise when the door is closed.