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XFasten Double Sided Woodworking Tape, White, 2.5 Inch x 30 Yards (6-Pack)


The XFasten Woodworking Tape is one of the bestseller double-stick tape for woodworking that's tried and tested by professional woodworkers in the United States. It is their go-to CNC router tape for woodworking.

So, here are some of the reasons why you should choose the XFasten brand's yellow backing double-sided woodworker's tape.

1. This industrial silicone adhesive has optimal thickness and cloth backing that you can quickly peel off and easily remove.

2. This 2 sided tape for woodworking is equipped with an easy-release adhesive liner that prevents it from curling unnecessarily. These features make it easy to install and manage, lessening each template's preparation time and effort.

3. This double-sided woodworking crafter's tape is perfect for wood templates and acrylic and metalwork inlays and templates.

4. Professional woodworkers approve and prefer this double face masking tape for woodworking. It's specifically designed to be used with wood's delicate surface.

So, the next time you're looking for an adhesive for your wood projects, choose the XFasten double face woodworker's tape.

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH DOUBLE SIDED WOODWORKING TAPE. This premium CNC machine tape for woodworking is an industrial-grade silicone adhesive with strong shear stress resistance. Still, it does not leave off residue nor damage or chip off the wood surface upon removal. This double sided tape that sticks to wood is precisely calibrated to meet woodworker's needs.

EASY TO PEEL WOODWORKING TAPE. It is equipped with an easy-release adhesive liner. This two faced tape for woodworking and CNC router templates has an anti-curling backing that prevents it from curling and sticking unnecessarily into your hands upon installation.

REMOVABLE, RESIDUE-FREE, AND SURFACE SAFE. Professional woodworkers try and test this double-sided silicone adhesive for woodworking as effective and safe for their delicate woodworks. It's the perfect double sided tape for woodworking templates.

ALL-AROUND REMOVABLE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE FOR WOOD WORKING. A lot of woodworking operations require temporary fastening things together and harm-free detachment. This double face woodworker's tape is perfect for woodworking activities such as splicing, machine cutting, CNC woodworking, routing, and anchoring.

TRUSTED YELLOW BACKING DOUBLE SIDED WOODWORKER'S TAPE. Woodworker's trust this double sided tape for CNC routers because of its high shear stress resistance and solid tensile strength that can withstand high rotational speeds and will keep wood panels perfectly in their place.