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XFasten Duct Tape 2 Inches x 50 Yards (White)

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The XFasten White Duct Tape is a versatile and all-around tape which can be used for almost all types of repairs both indoor and outdoor. It stays pure white and does not yellow-out even for long term applications making it perfect for projects that need an elegant and subtle finish. It also blends well to white backgrounds making it a perfect repair solution and labeling option for homes and workplaces .

Where Can You Use the XFasten White Duct Tape?

+ Quick fixes and long term repairs that require a presentable and neat finish

+ For leather, textile, nylon and other delicate finishes

+ Can be used on various textured and contoured surfaces

+ Can be applied on arts and crafts projects

+ Good for labeling in the office

+ Gift wrapping and creating heavy duty bundles

+ Can be used to patch textiles and other cloth based materials

+ Can be used to tape down electrical wiring on floor tiles

Why Choose the XFasten White Duct Tape?

+ Extra long 50-yard roll means that you can have more tape for less price compared to other brands

+ Sticks to most surfaces even on rough and textured ones

+ Long shelf life and usage lifespan, thanks to it being resistant to weather, UV and other harsh elements

+ Easy to apply, cut and install making it perfect for various projects at home

+ Strong adhesion that does not leave any sticky residue behind. Can be re-positioned anytime.

Here at the XFasten store, we can assure you, our valued customer that we truly care for your satisfaction and happiness. We are just an email away should you have any concerns or inquiries. We are available 24/7 and will provide immediate guidance to your needs.

  • Pure white smooth duct tape that is ideal for creations, fixes and repairs that require a nice and presentable white finish. Neat streamlined color provides elegance and subtle minimalist mood to the object where it is to be applied to. Perfect balance between reflective and matte finish and does not yellow over time.
  • Natural rubber adhesive provides consistent, strong and stable adhesion to most surfaces in a long term basis without leaving any sticky residue. Can be re-positioned and removed without damaging the surface finish.
  • Tears easily by hand without curling unnecessarily making it easy to handle and use. Can be conformed to take the shape and curves of the surface which it is to be applied to
  • Sticks well even to curved, textured, porous and contoured surfaces making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications. Will adhere to leather, concrete, cement, tiles, marble, plastic, aluminum, metal surfaces, cloth, textile, nylon, organic layers, glass and wood.
  • UV and weather resistant, making it ideal for labeling, repairs, wrapping, creating bundles, decorating, quick patching, and DIY arts and crafts projects.