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XFasten Gummed Paper Tape with Reinforced Fiberglass Backing, 2.75" X 375 Feet, Pack of 8 Water Activated Kraft Tape | Brown Paper Tape for Sealing, Heavy Duty Kraft Paper Tape for Packing Boxes

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The XFasten Reinforced Gummed Kraft Tape empowers the average American homeowner or enterprise personnel to pack even the most overstuffed packages thanks to its high weight holding capacity, tough fiberglass backbone and weatherproof box sealing capability.

The frequent issue with most filament tape is that while they may be strong at first, they are quick to fall off or detach. The XFasten Gummed Kraft Tape solves this engineering issue by equipping a water-activated gum adhesive that stays shut after activation, even withstanding heavy beating and external forces. The XFasten Kraft Tape is rated to have up to 5 years of shelf life. 

Why Should You Have The XFasten Gummed Kraft Tape?

● High weight holding capacity enables it to handle overstuffed boxes without fear of the box getting destroyed while in transit. The tape also provides structural support to otherwise flimsy boxes.

● Abrasion-resistant, protected against UV and can withstand heavy weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain or direct sunlight. This tape is designed to take a beating and survive harsh outdoor transport.

● Installs cleanly without a mess. Simply wet the tape strips with water and it will bond to the carton box directly, providing structural support and reinforced sealing.

● Fiberglass backbone secures your packages and will act as a good base for the bottom of your boxes. Your box will not give out even under heavy load.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products which have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.

  • Extreme Strength Reinforced Gummed Kraft Tape that DESIGNED TO TAKE A BEATING. Its weight holding capacity is rated at 70 kg and is reinforced with a fiberglass rope backbone, providing structural support to large storage boxes for warehouse storage, packaging, moving, shipping, carton sealing, and other general-purpose wrappings.
  • Activated by water and provides permanent adhesion and reinforced sealing to the carton box. Reinforces the bottom, side and top parts of boxes, no matter how heavily stuffed they are. You will feel secured and calm no matter how far or long your shipments need to be transported as it grants heavy-duty sealing.
  • EMPOWERS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN home owner or enterprise personnel to PACK EVEN THE MOST OVERSTUFFED PACKAGES making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks that need industrial grade adhesion, strong holding power, and long adhesive lifespan. 
  • Easy to manage, cut and install. Tape unwinds easily from the roll, does not curl or break unnecessarily and resists splitting and unnecessary tearing even after years of storing the tape. Rated to last up to 5 years of shelf life.
  • Provides an extra layer of protection to the package as its reinforced surface prevents scratches and abrasions. This tape is resistant to water, moisture, dew, UV and can withstand changing weather conditions may it be heavy rains, freezing snowy temperatures or direct sunlight- making it ideal for outdoor transport.