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XFasten Honeycomb Packing Paper 12" x 66' Reusable Cushion Kraft Packing Paper for Moving, Alternative Bubble Packing Wrap for Breakable Dishes Packing Supplies for Moving with 20 Fragile Stickers

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The XFasten Honeycomb Packing Paper is a paper-based packaging solution that lets you easily pack fragile and other important items. Because of its hexagonal cells, the honeycomb packing paper effectively cushions and absorbs shock-allowing for a reliable safe transit of goods.

Why Choose Honeycomb Packing Paper?

  • ECO-FRIENDLY HONEYCOMB BROWN PACKING PAPER outperforms single-use shipping bubble sheets wrap for moving breakables as its 3D design uses less packing paper while cushioning all sides. This kraft packing material is REUSABLE and 100% biodegradable.
  • EXTREME STRETCH. Our packing paper for moving dishes, breakables boxes, and chinawares is 80gsm thick and stretches up to 1.6x. Hence, a little moving wrap goes a long way to provide more cushioning and cost-effective void filler for fragile items.
  • ZERO-WASTE. Unroll, stretch and wrap around delicate items effortlessly. Our moving wrapping paper has a balanced strength, allowing for cutting without scissors while preventing unnecessary tearing- truly a must-have packing material for moving.
  • SHOCK ABSORBENT. This packing paper roll grips securely to prevent scratches on delicate items against rough transit. Our packing paper for shipping covers twice the area of other packing paper sheets for moving, ensuring cost-effective packing.
  • SECURE SHIPPING STICKERS. The XFasten moving paper wrap bundle has 20 Fragile Stickers for easy labeling. Our moving paper packing sheets are grippy yet gentle, nonabrasive to glass & hands, and perfect for all your packing moving supplies needs.


Size: 12''x 66 Ft

Product Material: Honeycomb Paper

Colour: Brown

Inclusion: 20 Fragile Stickers

Recommended for packing and wrapping.