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XFasten Lint Rollers for Pet Hair Extra Sticky (900 Sheets/10 Refills/2 Upgrade Handles) Heavy Duty Lint Roller for Pet Hair Clothes Portable Lint Remover Brush Pet Hair Remover for Dog Cat Furniture

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The XFasten Pet Lint Roller Extra Sticky does the job without much hassle and DOES IT BETTER compared to other lint removers on the market. Now you can go to meetings or dinner with friends without the unease of looking sloppy because of dog or cat lint that may have clung to your clothes.

We understand that as much as you love your pets (we are pet lovers too), looking after the fur that they leave behind (especially Australian Shepherds, Komondors, Terriers where shedding is almost second nature) can be very taxing. This is the reason why we manufactured our very own Pet Lint Rollers. Our adhesive is strong and grabs any hair, fur, dust, dirt, and lint from virtually any surface while our rollers and handles boast the strongest material build on the market.

Why Choose the XFasten Cat and Dog hair roller?

Matte handles that hold rollers well. Our handles are matte which prevents it from slipping from your hands. Its mechanism also prevents the rollers themselves from falling off unnecessarily.

Lint Magnet Adhesive. Our adhesive grabs lint like crazy. It is super heavy-duty and will hold on to even the toughest pet hair, fur, dust, and dirt. Compatible to leather, textile, carpet, furniture, wood, car seats, and other surfaces.

Quality Roller Sheets. Each of the 450 dog hair roller refill sheets is easy to tear, preventing any wasted sheets through accidental ripping.

Smooth rolling mechanism. Does not jam or get stuck mid-operation, while not being too loose or jerky, enabling you to clean faster, thus maximizing your time to do other stuff like spending more quality time with your pets, friends or family.

Why Choose The XFasten brand?

Our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products which have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.

  • EXTRA STICKY Pet Lint Remover Roller that removes even the toughest clinging dog or cat hair on any surface- your clothes, couch, furniture, car and carpets.
  • SMOOTH roller action that is not too tight nor jerky, allows for quick fur removal, EMPOWERING the AMERICAN PET OWNER to enjoy more time with your pets minus the hassle of meticulous cleaning.
  • Unlike other rollers, the XFasten pet hair remover stick prevents unnecessary falling or dislodging of the lint roller from the handle, maximizing your convenience as a pet owner.
  • Easy-to-tear sheets enable you to simply pull a used sheet to tear it off. Other adhesive lint rollers are hard to tear off, so you end up pulling and ripping multiple sheets by accident.
  • Comes with 5 bulk pet lint roller refills. With a total of 450 sheets, this Cat and Dog Hair Lint Remover Roller is the best value for your money. Can also be used to remove small debris and lint other than pet fur from your upholstery, furniture or clothes.