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XFasten Magnetic Squares 3/4-Inch x 3/4-Inch (Set of 100)

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  • IMPROVE & STEP UP YOUR PROJECTS. Show off your design and creation skills to your friends with the XFasten Magnetic Squares as objects up to 75 grams can be easily handled with a couple of magnetic squares-perfect for business card magnets, post-it notes, flash cards, door stickers, Z Palette for makeup pans and other projects that require strong craft magnets.
  • SUPERIOR ADHESION. Will adhere to both textured and smooth surfaces without damaging any delicate finishes, weather resistant and will last a long time even on outdoor applications.
  • THE ONLY AMAZON SET WITH 100 SQUARES. Comes with 100 squares (many brands offer less than 80)- a big step up compared most magnetic boards! Squares are precut for easy installation, and we can assure to give you a premium customer care service even after months of purchase. Talk about value!
  • BEST FOR PROFESSIONALS. A valuable tool and companion to teachers, students, nurses, office workers, DIY thinkers, mothers, craft artisans and people who love to organize. Adhesive backing is easy to peel and magnets have a long shelf and operation life.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC FLUX. With a strong magnetic and weight holding capacity, its applications are limitless and can be applied on virtually all arts and crafts projects or business materials. Just peel off a couple of magnetic squares, adhere it to any object, and voila- you can mount that object on any surface!


Being able to organize your things, create nifty solutions to everyday activities or even having the ability to scale up your skills in creativity is an essential aspect of one's life, especially to a professional who works in the office, school or home. The XFasten Magnetic Squares Pack provides you a simple yet innovative way of creating projects by adding magnetic functionality to all objects you can possibly think of.

It can attract magnetic and metallic objects, perfect for creating magnetic business cards, flashcards, and labels which can be mounted and uninstalled with ease and even keeping small metallic objects from falling or cluttering in your table.

If both objects are non-magnetic or non-metallic, then you can mount the squares to each of the surfaces to instantly take advantage of the power of magnetism.

Why Should You Have The XFasten Magnetic Squares?

  • Medium duty magnetic flux allows you to create arts and crafts projects and promotional materials quickly.
  • Thin form factor allows objects to be mounted neatly to the desired surface.
  • Silicone adhesive is reliable and is rated to last for several years without it damaging the surface or leaving any sticky residue. We also designed it to be compatible with both smooth and textured surfaces.
  • Our magnets' magnetic flux also lasts for years, thanks to the high concentration of ferrous rare earth metals on the squares.
  • Comes in a pack of 100, giving you the best value for your money. With that great upgrade compared to most brands on Amazon, you can create more projects that are much more efficient than others.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We listen to your needs. Our products continuously improve due to the seamless integration of past comments and suggestions from our buyers. We listen to your ideas, and we take them seriously especially in the execution of these improvements.