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XFasten Professional White Masking Tape | 3/4 Inches x 60 Yards | 6-Pack

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The XFasten White Masking Tape is a tape with a crepe paper adhesive that can be written or painted over, making it ideal for labeling, arts and crafts and other projects in school for your kids. It features a medium-strong adhesion, making it removable and repositionable without leaving any sticky residue. Unlike many tapes, it does not curl unnecessarily when peeled and it can also be torn easily through hands, thus making its application convenient and mess-free.

It is for general purpose packaging, bundling, holding, light binding, labeling, splicing, identification and decoration. Pencil, pens, crayons and paint can be visibly seen if written above it, making this masking tape a truly premium one. It has many uses at home, in the office or in school. This is the reason why the XFasten Masking tape comes in 6 generous rolls which is way cheaper compared to purchasing single roll packs from other brands.

Why Choose XFasten White Masking Tape?

Apipema, XFasten’s umbrella organization, is by far one of the fastest growing USA-homegrown start-up companies in the field of adhesive solutions. We focus on genuine research and development rather than mass production in order to prioritize quality over quantity of produced goods. Our tapes go through stringent quality assurance tests in order to assure that our tapes are of top-notch quality. Here are some reasons why you should choose our White Masking Tape:

-More length of rolls for a lower price point.

-Pearl white tape that is of premium quality.

-Can be written and painted over.

-Mess free and convenient installation

-Safe for your kids.


  • XFasten White Masking Tape is a premium quality writable crepe paper adhesive, ideal for labeling.
  • Excellent choice for arts, stationaries, labeling, kid’s school projects and other crafty activities
  • Tears easily by hand without curling unnecessarily and conforms to uneven and textured surfaces.
  • Adheres well to various surfaces like cloth, plastic, plastic, paper, laminates, metal and leather
  • Does not leave any residue when removed and comes in 6 55-yard generous rolls, giving you the best bang for your buck.