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XFasten Reflective Tape | 2 Inches x 5 Yards | Red & White

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The XFasten Red & White Reflective Tape is a must have for vehicle owners and operators, bikers, hikers, safety officers, industrial workers and daily joggers. It reflects any incident light and magnifies it to provide enhanced nighttime reflective visibility brightness on dark areas especially those that have poor lighting along roads.

Who Should Use This?

Anybody is recommended to use the XFasten Reflective tape especially those who spend a long time on the road to hike, jog, bike or drive. It can be attached on safety helmets, hard hats, bicycle wheels or handles, RV, truck or trailer bumpers, backpacks and on your vests and nylon accessories.

Key Features

-Provides utmost visibility on areas with poor lighting, provided that there is an incident light.

-Provides utmost safety in order to provide an identity that you are on the road to incoming vehicles.

-Weather resistant surface allows the adhesive to stay strong even under heavy rain.

-Reflective surface will not fade even under constant exposure to sun or on varying weather conditions.

-Heat resistant adhesive and will stay strong even after prolonged use.

-Flexible and will adhere even on rugged surfaces.

-Will not leave any sticky residue behind. Easy to install, stick and peel off if needed.

Where will it adhere best?

The XFasten Reflective Tape will stick on smooth and textured surfaces. These surfaces include:

-Metal and aluminum

-Plastic and other hard material surfaces

-Rugged plastic

-Signage and mail posts

-Nylon and Fabric

It would always be best to test out a small strip on the surface first to know if it will adhere properly. The surface should also be thoroughly cleaned and dusted before application.

  • Durable and Residue-Free Reflective Tape that would keep you safe during road travels.
  • Ideal for bicycles, trucks, trailers, boats, mailboxes, RV's and camper/hiker's backpack or helmet.
  • Enhanced nighttime reflective visibility brightness for drivers, hikers, bikers and daily joggers.
  • Weather and Moisture resistant; can withstand heavy downpours, dew and will not fade under the sun.
  • Can be applied to most surfaces and textures like metal, nylon, plastic and cotton.