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XFasten Reusable Nano Tape | 0.6 Inch x 10-Foot & 1.5 Inch x 10 Foot | 2-Pack

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The XFasten Silicone Nano Gel Tape is a strong, clear double-sided tape that can hold up to 2.5 pounds of mass per square foot of length. It is powerful just like a heavy-duty permanent glue, yet it can be removed easily without damaging the surface, nor will it lift off the paint or leave any sticky residue.

Our Reusable and Washable Nano Adhesive Tape can also be reused as much as you want. To reuse the nano tape strip, remove it from the surface, wash it with running water (to remove any dirt or lint), and then install back!

Moreover, this Nano Grip Gel Tape is an extreme-duty transparent silicone double-sided adhesive tape that is rated for industrial-grade mounting mostly for heavy objects. The common problem with most double-sided adhesive is that they fall off easily after a few days while some leave a nasty and sticky residue on the surface. The XFasten Traceless Nano Tape eliminates this issue as its adhesive is pressure sensitive which means that it can be removed easily.

Why Should You Have the XFasten Nano Tape Roll?

● Rated to hold objects up to 2.5 pounds of mass per square foot of tape. HOWEVER, it is recommended to maximize the surface area of application, that is to say, to apply as much tape as possible to increase the tape’s stability and strength.

● Can be applied and removed later, ideal for students, renters, teachers and other professionals who are using the space temporarily for the mounted object.

●Can withstand UV rays, hot temperatures under direct sunlight, cold drafts, and heavy downpour of rainwater. This tape is rated to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We Follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001.

  • TRACELESS, RESIDUE-FREE, and SURFACE-SAFE. This double sided nano tape is true to its promise of a traceless and residue-free user experience. You don't have to worry about sticky residues on your wall or floor when you use the traceless transparent gel grip tape. It also doesn’t lift any paint on the wall after using.
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE. Wash the heavy duty nano tape with water to reactivate its adhesive. Are you surprised? Yes, it doesn't lose its stickiness because of the water but instead strengthening it.
  • STRONG HOLDING CAPACITY. This removable picture hanging tape is very sturdy that it can hold objects on a wall with a weight capacity of 2.5 pounds per feet length. This adhesive is not just an indoor tape but also an outdoor double sided tape. It can withstand temperatures of -16°C (3.2F) to 75°C (167F), and it doesn't turn gummy when exposed to too much heat.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRACELESS TRANSPARENT GEL GRIP TAPE. Stick anything with this brick double sided tape! It's perfect for people who rent apartments temporarily. This washable mounting tape can be used to mount tools, picture frames, photos, posters, decors, and even sanitizers on the wall. It also adheres to both smooth and textured surfaces.
  • EASY TO USE AND CUT. Using the removable double sided tape is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Make sure to clean the surface first, stick anything you want to the wall or on the floor, and then wash-off and reuse after it dries!