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XFasten Silicone Sealant Waterproof Black Cartridge, 10.1 oz (Single Pack)

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You need to choose tough solutions, especially for home and automobile repair. However, especially for those with little to no experience in sealing leaks, you would not only need tools that are built to last but also BEGINNER-FRIENDLY and ECONOMICAL, to the extent that the finished project rivals those done by PROs. The XFasten Black 100% Silicone Sealant ticks all of these boxes with its weatherproof silicone caulk that’s packed inside high-pressure-resistant canisters and anti-jamming and smooth-flowing tube nozzles.

Why Choose XFasten Waterproof Black Silicone Sealant Adhesive?

● EASY TO USE BLACK SILICONE SEALANT WATERPROOF CARTRIDGE. Many black silicone sealant caulk cartridges in the market are either so unwieldy and hard to push with a silicone sealant gun or too flimsy that they burst. Simply pinch a hole on the silicone sealant adhesive cartridge and attach the jam-resistant nozzle, and you are good to go! Our canisters can resist high fluid pressures to prevent bursting when a little too much force is applied.

● JUST THE RIGHT THICKNESS. Our black silicone sealant adhesive has the right thickness and flexibility so that it flows well and sits well on the surface, ensuring a weatherproof seal on surfaces like metal, granite, stone, wood, and glass.

● QUICK SETTING AND CURING. The waterproof black silicone caulk is ready to be exposed to moisture and extreme weather after just 30 minutes. This is ideal, especially if you are in a rush or a quick fix is needed!

● WATERPROOF AND WEATHERPROOF. Our waterproof black silicone sealant will not shrink nor crack even under constant exposure to harsh sunlight, engine heat, oil, heavy rain, and snow.

● BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. With 10.01oz, this is the most economical yet reliable black silicone caulk cartridge pack on the market!

  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE WEATHERPROOF black silicone sealant that offers maximum protection against water damage, leaks, drips, UV, extreme heat, and pressure for both indoor and outdoor environment on most surfaces like metal, granite, stone, wood and glass.
  • RATED TO PROTECT UP TO 15 YEARS. This black silicone sealant adhesive is laboratory tested and rated to provide protection against dark spots, stains and other damage and stains caused by weather, water leaks, drips and heat.
  • EASY TO APPLY BLACK SILICONE CAULK CATRIDGE. The XFasten Waterproof Black Silicone Caulk is packed inside a high-pressure resistant cartridge that is equipped with a jam-resistant nozzle for easy and smooth application.
  • QUICK SETTING AND CURING. Do you need to quickly fix a leak on your door or shower glass? We got you covered! The XFasten Silicone sealant waterproof cartridge dries, sets and cures in 30 minutes and is ready to be exposed under the scorching heat or heavy rain.