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XFasten Super Strong Duct Tape 2 Inches x 50 Yards (Gray/Silver)

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The XFasten Super Strong Gray Colored Duct Tape is the strongest duct tape that XFasten has ever manufactured, sporting a thicker and more aggressive adhesive that is geared for all application types and with great emphasis to outdoor surfaces as it is weatherproof, waterproof and can operate at extreme temperatures of -13°F to 185 °F. We went back into the drawing board, extracted all elements that make a good duct tape, and dialed all knobs to their maximum. This resulted in a Duct Tape with a high shear stress resistance, tensile strength, resistance against heat, humidity, moisture, UV, and wind while still allowing for tearing with bare hands and long-term adhesion that does not turn into a gooey mess.

Why Choose The XFasten Extra Strength Silver Duct Tape?

EXTREME STRENGTH. This tape features a high tensile and shear stress resistance, which means that it can withstand pulls and stresses equal to 10 kg in mass.

MADE FOR HARSH CONDITIONS. Even if this silver duct tape can be used for indoor conditions, where it shines is in its outdoor capabilities. It can withstand high heat and be exposed to submerged or permanently wet environments such as boats and automobile surfaces.

Built To Last. This industrial grade duct tape can be stored for up to 5 years WITHOUT TURNING INTO A STICKY AND GOOEY ADHESIVE RESIDUE.

INDUSTRIAL-GRADE ADHESION. Due to its extreme features, it is a great bundling and packing tape, especially for oversized boxes and storage spaces. WITHSTANDS ROUGH TERRAINS AND DIRE TRANSIT CONDITIONS.

Mess Free and Can be Torn By Hands. No scissors? No problem. The XFasten Maximum Strength Duct Tape can be torn using your bare hands for an easy, clean, and mess-free installation.

Why Choose the XFasten Store?

We prioritize Quality Assurance and product development over mass production, so you can be assured that our products are the best.

  • SUPER STRONG SILVER DUCT TAPE that has thrice the weight holding capacity versus classic duct tapes. Sports an extreme butyl-silicone adhesive that maximizes shear stress resistance and tensile strength for maximum adhesive strength. The XFasten waterproof Duct Tape can endure elevated temperatures (-13°F to 185 °F), high humidity, and extreme outdoor weather conditions. This duct tape is designed to take a beating!
  • GRIPS ON ALL SURFACE TYPES. This strong gray duct tape provides a heavy-duty hold on smooth, textured, porous, and uneven surfaces including wood, stucco, polycarbonate, plastic, cardboard, PVC, plaster, brick, metal and more. Perfect waterproof duct tape for school, packaging, shipping, and industrial use.
  • ALL WEATHER DUCT TAPE REPAIR. Do you need to repair or patch surfaces that are constantly exposed to humidity, moisture, or rain? This industrial grade duct tape adhesive is waterproof and works well on submerged surfaces or objects that are constantly exposed to moisture. Perfect patch and repair tape on harsh outdoor conditions.
  • TOUGH FIBERGLASS BACKING FOR EASY TEARING. Equipped with a tightly weaved fiberglass backing that allows for tighter packing while still allowing this high heat duct tape to be torn by bare hands. Perfect for bundling and packing overstuffed boxes for shipping and storage.
  • LONG-TERM REPAIRS THAT DOES NOT TURN GOOEY. The XFasten Gray Colored Duct Tape features a hygroscopic silicone-butyl composite adhesive that extends its lifespan, thus allowing for long-term hold without turning it into a gooey mess. Ideal for MOUNTING, BUNDLING, and PATCHING various objects and surfaces that are exposed to rain, UV, sunlight, heat, humidity, and wind pressure.