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XFasten Duct Tape | 2 Inches x 30 Yards | Transparent

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The XFasten Transparent Duct Tape is a utility-grade transparent tape that has the strength of an industrial ducting tape but with the aesthetic beauty of a minimalist yet elegant tape. It is a high performance tape that can be used to seal, wrap, repair, fix, patch and protect things at home. It can be used on both extremes- on light tasks like gift wrapping or for heavy duty staff like patio furniture repair.

Duct Tape Strength With Subtle Beauty

The XFasten Transparent Duct Tape can be used to repair various things, like your children's toys, pet's accessories, patio furniture and many other things at home, in your car or in your office. The XFasten Transparent Tape also presents some subtle lines over its transparent polyethylene backing, which is extremely elegant, subtle and presentable to anyone. Indeed, this is a tape to be used for repair where appearance does matter.

Will Adhere To Many Surface Types

Thanks to its relatively thicker rubber adhesive, it can stick into almost any surface types like: wood, vinyl, plastic, PVC, textile, cardboard, paper, metal, plywood, ceramics, tiles glass and nylon. Everything is a case to case basis so we urge you to try out your surface first to make sure that it is indeed compatible.

Why Choose XFasten Transparent Duct Tape?

The XFasten Transparent Duct Tape is a premium quality tape that undergoes several quality control tests before it is released in a batch. This way you are assured that you are getting a good quality tape that is worth its price. Also, our customer service team is always here to guide you, should you need anything. Your happiness and satisfaction is our utmost priority here in Apipema.

  • High performance transparent duct tape that is ideal for general repair where appearance does matter.
  • Smooth lined design finish, clear utility-grade duct tape that is perfect for maintenance, wrapping, sealing, fixing, patching and protecting
  • Weatherproof, water, moist resistant, UV and temperature resistant and will not yellow outdoors under the sun
  • Extra thick rubber adhesive allows for any repair at home, in your vehicle, toys, decorations, Patio furniture, boat and office
  • Heavy duty duct tape for tough repairs yet clear and elegant enough to be displayed; can be cut easily by hand